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After a considerable amount of time away from the music scene, Jennifer Lopez finally released her fourth studio album, Rebirth, on March 1, 2005.  After months of auditioning for dance roles, Jennifer Lopez was selected as a dancer for various rap artists' music videos, and was given a guest spot on the American Music Awards.  Jennifer Lopez's debut album On the 6, at age of thirty, a reference to the subway line she used to take growing up in Castle Hill, was released on June 1, 1999, and reached the top ten of the Billboard 200.  Jennifer Lopez's second album, J. Lo, was released in January 2001, at age of thirty - one , and debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200.  Jennifer Lopez financed singing and dancing lessons for herself from the age of 16.  Jennifer Lopez gained her first regular high profile gig was as a Fly Girl dancer on the television comedy program, In Living Color in 1991.  Jennifer Lynn Lopez, born July 24, 1969, is an American actress, Grammy Award-nominated pop/Latin pop/R&B singer, fashion designer, and dancer.  On November 26, 2002, at age of thirty - three, Jennifer Lopez released her third studio album, This Is Me... which reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200. 
Jennifer Lopez News

Jennifer Lopez's Abs are Amazing in a String Bikini (Plus, More Sexy Snaps from Her Summer Vacation)

Jennifer Lopez recently said she “feels 28,” and she certainly looks it in her most recent Instagram photo. The star, 44, shared a picture of herself poolside, flaunting her washboard abs and glowing skin in a brown string bikini.

Jennifer Lopez Bikini BodyCourtesy Jennifer Lopez

“She yelled at me ‘DON’T MOVE!’” Lopez wrote on Instagram, referring to her vacation buddy, King of Queens star (and longtime BFF) Leah Remini. “Another shot by Remini.”

Remini has served as Lopez’s honorary swimwear photographer all week, also capturing a snap of the diva in a plunging red bikini (below). “Guess who?” Lopez jokes in the photo caption.

Instagram Photo

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The newly-single singer has been taking a well-deserved break from her eighth album’s promotional tour to veg beachside with friends and family — she’s hosted girls’ nights in the Hamptons and enjoyed lazy, poolside breakfasts with her children. And, all the while, she’s been posting pics of her rockin’ bikini bod (and inspiring envy in many).

“Can you be ugly once? Just be normal once!” Remini joked in an Instagram video before playfully tackling the headscarf-and-jewelry-clad pop princess.

Instagram Photo

Despite her recent break-up and crazy hectic schedule, the American Idol judge is feeling better than ever, she recently told InStyle “My bones don’t hurt. I feel great. I actually feel better, more confident,” she said in April. It definitely shows in the photos!

What do you think of the star’s sexy snaps? Can you believe she’s 44? Share your thoughts below.

–Katherine Foreman

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Red Carpet Trend Report: The Scoop on Bra-Baring Tops, Metallic Silver and the Updo That's Not ... Quite ... There

sheer tops, metallic silverSplash News Online; WireImage (2)

In our weekly roundup of the looks that are gaining fashion ground (and the ones losing their style street cred), we saw ladies daring to bare, a few metallic moments and a hairstyle that’s better left at the gym than worn on a red carpet.

Up: Bra-Baring Tops. It seems we have done a total 180° from last week’s only-kinda crop tops. This week’s trend is all about showing skin, with leading ladies baring their (sorry, but we really can’t resist this) over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders. Keri Russell (left) proved that you don’t need a glamorous dress to make a statement with her textured sheer tank revealing black undergarments at her Dawn of the Planet of the Apes premiere. Nina Dobrev also showed off her bra with a see-through top paired with a dusty-rose maxi skirt (both Elie Saab) while attending the designer’s Fall 2014 Couture show. The underwear-baring trend has been around for some time now and we don’t expect to see it fading (as long as Kim Kardashian is on the scene, anyway).

Up: Metallic Silver. Looking for a little extra oomph in the wardrobe department? This latest trend might be just what you need. Chloë Moretz (center) stood out amongst the crowd donning a head-to-toe chrome ensemble at Paris Fashion Week. Also attending the same show, Pink rivaled Chloë’s outfit with a dress featuring a highly-embellished silvery top. But nothing divided the StyleWatch office more than the gleam coming off of J.Lo’s Atelier Versace pants/dress creation (and PEOPLE readers are split as well)!

Down: Off-Center Topknots. No, Kate Hudson (right) didn’t give her hairstylist the day off — that’s the real Leaning Tower of Topknot on the red carpet. Though a high topknot is a favorite among many stars, this messy, off-center version looks ready to topple — and the loose tendrils accentuate the “fresh from Pilates” vibe. An undone updo is one thing, but we don’t expect this “my dress cost $10K and my hair took fifteen seconds” look to catch on in Hollywood.

Which of these trends will you try? Which will you skip? Tell us in the comments!

–John Soper

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Red Carpet Trend Report: The Scoop on Jumpsuits, T-Strap Heels and the Belt That’s Taking Too Much Room

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Jennifer Lopez's Pants/Dress Combo Platter Inspires an Editor Debate: 'Obsessed or Hot Mess?'

Jennifer Lopez is never one to play it safe on the style front — and this latest look, an Atelier Versace high-fashion jumpsuit-slash-dress, is just another notch on her risk-taker belt. And much like any fashion-forward ensemble, it inspired a debate in the PEOPLE StyleWatch offices. Below, we take sides; read on, then tell us where you fall on the great jumpsuit/dress pro/con spectrum.

Jennifer Lopez pants/dress hybridDominique Charriau/WireImage

OBSESSED: Brittany Talarico, Associate Style Editor: I have been experiencing jumpsuit fatigue lately. I love the trend, and I have a few onesies hanging in my closet, but it’s becoming a little stale on the red carpet. So when Jennifer Lopez introduced this gown-meets-pants Versace creation at the label’s Paris show, I got very excited. In my opinion, it’s like the jumpsuit’s sassy older sister. Plus, it fit her body impeccably and gave me flashbacks to old-school JLo. To be clear, I don’t think this look would work for just any formal occasion (and if Forever 21 or H&M comes out with a look-for-less version, I’m not sure that I’d be brave enough to wear it), but it was a very refreshing outfit compared to the other expected gowns or minis that we usually see on the carpet. And it has two editors involved in a really fun fashion debate, which I think was the whole point.

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HOT MESS: Alex Apatoff, Style News Editor: I can’t be “over” jumpsuits because I was never “under” jumpsuits (yes, Friends jokes, still as fresh today as they were 15 years ago). But I can grudgingly admit that in certain circumstances, on certain stars, they can look as fun or elegant as a dress. I haven’t, however, ever felt the need to see a jumpsuit combined with a dress. But Jenny from the Block has been answering questions I haven’t asked since way back in 1999, and this Atelier Versace look is no different. “What would a high-slit gown look like with one sparkly rogue trouser look like?” I never wondered, and here’s the result. Listen, I’ll give J.Lo points for choosing a risky outfit — but then I’m going to take all those points away for her “bronzer by exhaust pipe” makeup job.

With whom do you agree? Can this outfit be saved — or is it perfect as is?

Jennifer Lopez Has Been Looking Fabulous Lately - and Her Makeup Artist Shares Her Secrets

With Jennifer Lopez‘s promotional tour for her eight studio album, “A.K.A.”, in full swing, we’ve seen the singer kill it on stage from the Bronx to Brazil. And while the 44-year-old mom of twins has been giving other, younger pop stars a run for their money in the skintight performance leotard department, we can’t help but notice the star’s smoking hot makeup, too. And since we’re really into trying to keep up with her workout, (we’ll stick to the cookie diet, thanks), we decided to give her longtime makeup artist Mary Phillips a call to get the scoop on our favorite concert and red carpet looks this summer.

Jennifer Lopez makeupSplash News Online;Invision/AP;Getty

As Lopez proved in her recent makeup-free selfie, she’s stunning without a stitch of paint, but when she wants show-stopping makeup, she’s relied on Phillips since 2006. So of course, for her Good Morning America appearance on June 20, Phillips was behind the look. The makeup pro says her performance go-to is “a little more powder, which we tend to use sparingly in other circumstances. And, accentuating Jennifer’s eyes is a must. She’s very physical in her performances — it’s best to stick with eyes [and skip] glossy lip colors.”

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Given that an intense concert could cause bolder makeup to look busted after a twerk or two, it’s probably good that Lopez is currently favoring a nude palette. “I think it’s safe to say that nudes are her anchor, and it’s how I think people envision her,” says Phillips, adding that the two carefully choose tones “so nothing ever falls flat. They all enhance her, yet nothing’s overpowering.”

While Phillips has Lopez’s stage makeup down to a science, the two go with the flow when it comes to creating looks for appearances and events. When Lopez channeled her inner Fly Girl in a graphic print mini, gold hoops and a laid-back pony for her June 18 appearance at BET, Phillips let the time of day dictate the bronzed, casual makeup. “I feel like this makeup perfectly complements her ensemble and hair,” Phillips said. “She looks gorgeous and cool, with complete ease and that’s just sexy in general!”

Later that day the duo built on the natural BET look to create an iconic J.Lo moment for her visit to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. “There were lots of ’60s undertones, which we love,” explains Phillips, who paired classic “Brigitte Bardot liner” with “a hint of purple on her eyes. It was a great way to throw a dash of spice into something if you’re wearing black with your hair pulled up.” Phillips completed the look with a creamy nude lip. “From the skin to the eyes and lips, this was quintessential J.Lo!”

Phillips says the secret to their success is communication. “We are really a team,” she says of the glam squad. “Everyone’s able to share what’s inspiring them. Jennifer always has amazing references, we could have 50 and she’ll somehow have more. She’s a professional in every sense, and for us that’s extremely inspiring.” And even though Lopez is loving a nude palette right now, “Jennifer’s really open to things. Although [a neutral] color scheme might be our base, we like to change it up when you least expect it!”

Which look do you love most?

–Jackie Fields

World Cup Fever! Celebs Up Their Style Game for the Global Soccer Tournament

World Cup styleCourtesy Hannah Bronfman

The World Cup is still in full swing — and while we are spending most of our soccer-related time watching the games (and the hot soccer players in the games), we’ve noticed that some of our favorite stars have been viewing the tournament in style. Whether it’s patriotic manis, personalized jerseys or other sporty fashion moments, these celebs are showing off their support and spirit in style. Scroll through to see who is showing their fùtbol pride fashionably on their social media.

Instagram Photo

J.Lo took a snap with Pitbull and Claudia Leitte to show off their costumes before they hit the stage at the opening ceremony.

Instagram Photo

Ryan Seacrest showed his support for his country with a personalized USA jersey.

Instagram Photo

Joe Jonas shared a drawing of Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour enjoying a game of football (in a pair of Christian Louboutin heels, no less).

Instagram Photo

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrósio rocked some Brazilian team spirit with a customized manicure.

Rihanna (@rihanna) June 23, 2014

While everyone else shows their support via jerseys and manis, Rihanna decided to display her pride with a pair of Brazil sandals.

Instagram Photo

Want to be able to hold the actual FIFA trophy? Well, you’ll either have to win the world cup — or take up modeling like Naomi Campbell.

Bring it on Belgium. #letsdothis @joshduhamel #gousa—
  (@Fergie) June 26, 2014

A family that roots together stays together. Fergie and hubby, Josh Duhamel, showed off their customized USA jerseys via Twitter during the game against Germany (they even had one for little Axl).

Instagram Photo

Instead of picking just one team, Hannah Bronfman decided to add an array of countries for her world cup-inspired mani.

Who do you think showed their team spirit the best? Are there any other celebs that have been getting social during the World Cup? What are the stylish ways you’re celebrating?

–John Soper is not affiliated with and is not licensed by any act, venue, promoter, concert tour, league or football, baseball, hockey, soccer, racing, golf, tennis, wrestling, or basketball team. All copyrights, trademarks or trade names used by are for information and descriptive purposes only and not by or on behalf of these entities.

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